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​The Resonance Travel N'goni™ is suited for those who travel often and want their n'goni by their side. Built for travel as a robust, smaller size instrument perfect for life on the road. Commission a Resonance ten string travel n'goni and it will be customized to your needs at no extra charge. This model comes with the following:


• Fully customized acoustics and ergonomics to suit your needs and desires.

• Made from a robust 25cm (approximate diameter) gourd and skin with nickel plated steel tacks.

• The wooden parts are made from up-cycled teak or similar, known for durability and stability.

• Features the patented Resonance Slide System for easy assembly and disassembly.

• Includes our new style hand cast white brass (silver colour) components.

• Top quality Gotoh nickel machine heads.

• Includes a complete set of spare strings.

• Resonance exclusive 10 year guarantee.

• Online support with email and Skype.

• Access to our tuition videos.

$1150 USD

UPGRADE for just $100 and receive a bag, standard kesing kesing and tuner, worth $235!


It is sent as an easy to assemble kit set or join us at one of our events and put it together with us!

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