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"It's been exactly a week since I received my new, custom made n'goni & I am absolutely in love with it. I've been playing it for hours every day & just as Jeremy said & as unbelievable as it is, it is sounding better & better all the time. It's like it has inspiration built into it. I've had a resonance n'goni for 3 years, one that I bought second hand so I knew very well what I was getting myself into & it was time for another instrument, one that I could customize to perfectly suit my needs. I went to see Jeremy twice in the process & each time I was blown away by his meticulousness & expertise on every single aspect of the instruments production & use. He is a perfectionist & his craftsmanship & attention to detail speaks volumes. I bought this instrument in order to make a certain commitment to myself & because I am only interested in the very best. Getting to know Jeremy in the process was an integral part of this experience & what I am left with is far from just an incredible, one of a kind instrument, but more importantly a symbol of excellence, inspiration & absolute perfection. Thanks Bro!!!." Miro Klima, Musician, New Zealand.

"It is such a beautiful instrument to behold and play. I like to say that a musical instrument is the ultimate multi-disciplinary object, because so much human knowledge coalesces in an instrument. . . physics, history, culture, sculpture, art, design, etc. Your instruments extend this quality and raise the bar to a very high level.." Thomas Workman, Musician, USA.

"Such a blessing to meet Jeremy Cloake, who is this radiant wizard-luthier! His instruments are beautiful Temples, where the sacred songs are come alive... I am so honored to have a beautiful n'goni custom made for me, and now playing it I experience how this magical instrument brings the elegant beauty of Divine in to the space through it's sound - giving birth to sacred songs and rhythms. Jeremy has a unique ability to share the most profound wisdom in a very simple and joyful manner, while teaching - I had such a pleasure of learning songs from him. As a ceremonial musician I am appreciating the way he is keeping the tradition of ancient prayers alive! His heart is so beautiful! I am so grateful to meet such a friend! And I am so in love with my gorgeous n'goni." Kira Kushnirova, Musician, USA.

"I fell in love with Jeremy's instruments at Blues Fest, Byron Bay this year, such beautiful creations, design, tone, heart & soul. I'm so happy to say I finally have one in my hands! Many thanks to Jeremy who brought me together with the instrument I was drawn to, I am very grateful. I am enjoying discovering the n'goni through the tuition on this site, so clear & valuable. The ongoing support from Resonance N'goni is fantastic! Jeremy has been a delight to deal with, a luthier who is passionate about the instruments he creates and the life that they give to others." Caroline Hammond, Musician, Australia.

"Finally I'm a proud owner of a 'Resonance' n'goni. I heard about Jeremy and his remarkable craftsmanship for a few years now from different sources and was very excited to have had the opportunity to get a new n'goni custom made by him. The result was way above my expectations and I even had to retire my old favourite!" Yeshe Reiners, Musician, Australia.

"Love is not a strong enough word! I worship it. It sounds beautiful, clear and almost bell-like, it's light and well-balanced, and it is a feast for my eyes as well as my ears. Thank you thank you. Theresa Kiff, Musician, New Zealand.

"Having the privilege of accompanying Jeremy for a couple of days, I have witnessed many times the same reactions from people (including me) listening to Jeremy's n'goni playing. Ranging from lit up faces with eyes wide open and dropped jaws to teary eyed and seemingly deeply touched. There seems to be a pattern with comments like, 'that's the loveliest sound I've ever heard' to 'such an amazingly beautiful instrument, who made this and where can I get one?' Knowing Jeremy a bit now, it makes me smile how devoted he is making each instrument from scratch. Getting the wood for the neck from recycled floorboards that look and function the best. Choosing calabashes from an African orphanage and thereby supporting its cause. Custom made machine heads and brass pieces to enhance function and create the most beautiful design. Assembling it (witnessing this under the walnut tree in our own backyard ) with so much passion, love and intention towards the lucky person who ordered it. Knowing all that seems to be no surprise anymore how people react. Since Jeremy shares in his work not just a great portion of very professional craftsmanship but also his heart and therefore people are touched directly in their own hearts. Jeremy is a truly a inspiring person and very passionate artist." Frank Heinkel, Musician, Germany.

"The n'goni is one of the most marvelous instruments I have had to play. Beautifully crafted and a strong attention to detail. The principle is so raw yet the execution is so precise. It's just an amazing instrument. All the people I've shown it to are in awe. The most common adjective I hear is magical. A friend told me: 'I could make love to this baby everyday and never get tired of it' to which another friend confirmed he had the same feelings towards it. It's the sort of ineffable thing which words can't do justice. A pure manifestation of love is the way I see it."

Benoît Thiercelin, Architect, USA.

"For a couple of months, I’m the happy owner of an n'goni made by Jeremy Cloake. During this time, the instrument didn’t get much rest as it quickly became adopted by the entire family and it’s really hard to put it away once one starts playing. Jeremy’s vast experience as expert craftsman and carver of traditional Māori instruments clearly shows in his n'goni too. The attention to details and the continuous evolution of the design, but most of all the love that goes into the choice of materials and the manual finish that I was fortunate enough to witness speaks of a high degree of professionalism and true dedication. But the great craftsmanship aside, the n'goni is first and foremost an excellent musical instrument. The sound is just as beautiful as its finish and captures any audience immediately. Before I purchased the n'goni, I was reluctant whether I should get yet another instrument as there are plenty already in my home. I certainly haven’t regretted buying one as it’s bringing so much joy to everyone." Christian Som, WWF climate change manager, Switzerland.

"It is hard for me to find the words to describe this amazing instrument. The quality and attention to detail is superb and I am in love with the sound, the look and the feeling of playing this masterpiece. Thank you so much for creating such a exquisite n'goni for me and for putting so much time and love into it. Thank you!" Angelette Barrineau, Accountant, France

"The n'goni made it back safely, big thanks bro I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! …. I just want to tell you again from the heart how much I love the n'goni, I play it all the time, simply gorgeous, thank you so much. I would like another beautifully crafted one by you too, let me know your thoughts on something a little different, maybe more strings, different tuning or something. You're awesome!!!” Colin Goring, Musician, England

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love it already! You're the best. So glad to get to enjoy your creation made and delivered with love. I will honour it with all love and magic every time I play." Rosie Bryant, musician, England.

"It was a great pleasure to have met Jeremy Cloake, a man so dedicated to sharing the beauty of music and instruments. Jeremy's passion for his instruments and keenness to see others learn shone through during his teaching workshop, and in the way he allowed me to sit down and pluck away on the beautiful n'goni. It was only after moments that I knew this amazing instrument was for me, not only its lovely sound, but also the beauty of the instrument had me enchanted. I sincerely appreciated the professional manner in which Jeremy interacted and shared his passion for music with me, and I can't wait to work alongside Jeremy in the future." Todd Chaplin, Flute maker, Aotearoa​.

"Thank you Jeremy for creating this excellent n'goni for me, it is by far the best one I have ever seen and so much more than what I ever expected. The quality of your work is very impressive and the sound also very rich. I am happy I decided to spend a bit extra and get one from you, sadly now my other one doesn't get played much at all! I anticipate the launch of your new website and looking forward to seeing you in Germany one day. Thank you so much!!" Christian Bachmeier, Musician, Germany.

"What a great instrument, so happy I have this. I am having great fun playing. I seem to be getting used to the position, finding a good holding position and sitting position that is constant will come from practice. Very proud of this n'goni and happy with all the special features you have created." Dave Edwards, Teacher, Aotearoa.

"Thank you Jeremy for such a beautiful n'goni, she has such a clear crisp sound. My only regret is that I didn't order two! My first trip with her was on the ferry ride home, many heads turned including one man who wanted to buy my brand new n'goni! I cannot wait to learn more from you when you return to Aotearoa." Sarah Hicks, Musician, Aotearoa.

"Thank you so much Jeremy. I love the sound of my n’goni and I can’t stop playing it. It has a nice loud punchy sound, which is exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to learn more!" Lucie Feenstra, Musician, Aotearoa.

"I'm in love with the instrument, playing every day, and feeling the flow come into my left hand. Already some memorable grooves I'm developing have established themselves and I'm getting a sense of what can happen when the hands move independently rather than playing linear scale riffs. Would love to learn more of the traditional repertoire but all in good time. I feel blessed to have connected with you and I look forward to more." Robert Weber, musician, Bali.

"Just a quick message to say how much I am enjoying the beautiful n'goni, it plays itself, I'm sure. It's more than a work of art, it sounds magical." Ian Drower, life coach, Aotearoa.

"Got the n'goni, it is beautiful. Thank you so much, I´m like a child at christmas!" Markus Meurer, Musician, Germany.

"Kia ora, I had to try it! I dared to tune the N'goni up to D and it sounds grand. I'm absolutely pleased. That's the sound I know from recordings. We keep in touch and all the best." Hajo Lorek, musician, Germany.

"I ♥ my n'goni." Cassandra Barnett, writer, Aotearoa.

Regarding second n'goni purchase:  "My lady won't even come over tonight cause she knows she'll feel ignored... no joke. Amazing to be witness to the evolution of your mastery. Huge gratitude bro."  " Unreal. It plays itself... serious juju this one." Robert Weber, musician, Bali.

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